Kesytön Romania (7) - 102

Kesytön Romania (7) - 102
perjantai 8.11.2019 06:00 | 46 min

Kausi 1. Jakso 2/2. An unexpected wilderness flourishes deep in the heart of Europe, home to an astounding collection of life. Vast mountains, ancient forests, and expansive wetlands provide habitats to many of the continent's iconic creatures. From the forested slopes of the Carpathians to the wind-blown waters of the Danube delta, these are lands where seasons dictate destinies. Join us on a journey to reveal a year in the lives of Romania's diverse and treasured plants and animals; discover how they endure the harsh winter toward the budding months of spring, navigating dangers and parenthood to reach summer's bounty before autumn's race to fatten up rolls around once more. Welcome to Untamed Romania... (46')

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